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November 6-10

All things pumpkin

The New Leaf Collaborative curated fun ways for our members to use a pumpkin after the spooky season. One group craved out the seeds of the pumpkin and roasted the seeds along with yummy seasonings. The other group used the craved pumpkin to do a fun experiment where they guessed what would happen to items when put in a pumpkin and buried for a few months.

We will find out soon!

A Slimy Day

The New Leaf Science Workshop found a recipe for our members to try to make slime! They made all different colors and batches of slime and enjoyed playing around with the slime for hours later.

Brownies for All

The Youth Advisory Board made a very persuasive decision to hold Fun Friday on Tuesday instead due to the Veterans day 3-day weekend. Some members helped make brownies and made them a la mode.


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