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October 9-13

Color Spinners

With the New Leaf collaborative, the members learned about electromagnetic receptors and how our eyes have restrictions on the number of images they can process so our brains make sense of the world by sometimes combining images. Members made either thaumatropes or circle spinners or both.

Teamwork is Dreamwork

The Members got a chance to work on their teamwork and sportsmanship skills through multiple rounds of basketball, dodgeball and soccer drills. These drills helped them work together and complete challenges which helped strengthen their bonds as a team. Throughout the day, Alex from Skyhawks was able to guide them through questions to learn about what sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, respect, discipline, confidence and leadership meant to them!

Garden Beds and Worm Jars

The New Leaf Garden Club assisted our members at continuing to plant our garden beds that reside in front of our Boys and Girls Clubhouse. For the past few weeks, our members have been learning about composting through the process of hands on learning. As they finished up planting the garden beds with season vegetables, another group worked on making worm jars as they learned about the ability of worms to decompose natural materials.

Career Club

The members had an opportunity to meet Kara McDonnell, who is a Process Chemist and works in the Quality Assurance Department in the Martinez Refining Company Lab. She was able to give the members a presentation regarding the work that she does along with sharing her journey of how she came to be where she is now. In addition, the members got to learn and understand the usage of some of the tools that Kara had brought in from the lab.


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