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December 4-8

Peace Signs and Power Hour

Everyday, our members spend an hour on Power hour, which is an hour dedicated to addressing their academic needs. During this hour they check in with staff on their assignments and come up a strategy to better their grades if needed.

Soccer Thrills

Whenever Thursday comes around, our members are patiently waiting for soccer to start again. The soccer drills brings them a lot of thrills and it's wonderful to see the members

running with joy.

Light Up the Red Nose

The members used electrical tape and batteries to make a light that's triggered by the

battery touching the light. New Leaf staff ensures that members learn the

skill and have fun doing it!

Virtual Fun Friday

The members got to spend some time in the virtual world playing games such as Beat saver, Wrestling and exploring the ocean all on the Oculus provided by Boys and Girls Club Contra Costa. Activities like Virtual Reality helps members experience a new form of Play which can be helpful in their development.


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