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Storytellers Media Club


We are proud to present our new Storytellers Media Club program here at the Martinez Clubhouse! Our Club kids have already dived head first into being creators and we are so excited to see them do so much more!

Our Storytellers Media Club program aims to empower youth with practices and skills in filmmaking, writing, audio production, photography, design and 3D design.

As our members lean into their creative sides, we want to create a modern space with every tool possible for them to create and discover concepts and ideas to prepare them for their futures. This program aims to give hands on experience/skills with multimedia that can be translated to home, school or professional careers.

We've learned that media making is one of the most powerful tools we have access to. We used this toolkit throughout the pandemic to create content to serve our communities and continue to impact youth’s lives. We are so excited for what the future means for this program and our Club Kids!


In this podcast, we’ll be chatting with donors, supporters, community members, staff, parents, alumni, and current club members.


Media creation teaches creative expression by engaging members in experiencing, creating, sharing, and editing digital media. The project-based activities introduce members to photography, audio production, video production, and design. Envisioning and developing projects gives members the opportunity to hone their creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills.

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