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🚀 Come Make History With Us! Help build the first-ever Community Science Workshop in Contra Costa County! 🚀

Come on down to the club Saturday, April 13th, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM! That's when we're coming together at the Boys & Girls Martinez Clubhouse to create something truly special: the first Community Science Workshop in Contra Costa County. In collaboration with the incredible team from New Leaf Collaborative and with help from the Home Depot Foundation, we're bringing this STEM dream to life.

Our club members have made it clear in our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) survey: they're hungry for more STEM programming. We're answering the call with this exciting new workshop, designed not just to spark joy and curiosity among our members but also to open doors to enriching STEM experiences for our wider community. If you're interested to see what the future of learning looks like, make sure to subscribe to our email updates.

Volunteer Day is all about teamwork and hands-on action. From building sturdy workbenches to devising neat ways to organize tools and supplies, we've got a range of activities that cater to volunteers at every skill level. And if you're a carpenter, electrician, or woodworker, we need your expertise to help bring our vision to life. 🛠️✨

Join us in shaping a future where curiosity meets discovery, right here in Contra Costa. We hope to see you there! Let's make some science magic together. 🎉

Can't make it, but want to support? Help by purchasing some supplies we need or donate toward the cause. Every little bit helps! 💙


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