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October 16-20

Community Garden

This week our members tended to the Martinez Community Garden near Susana park with the help of New Leaf Collaborative. They learned the importance of the worms (from their worm jars last week) which helped fertilize the garden as they watered it. Alongside watering the plants, the members took time to pick fruits from the trees in the garden as well as learn about stick piles that can benefit creatures with materials to build their nests and homes.

Alka Seltzer Rockets

The New Leaf Science Workshop prepared a fun and interactive project for the members. The members designed launch pads and rockets and investigated what combinations of substances make for the most explosive chemical reaction to power their rockets.

Drills and Don't

Russell and others from MRC spent some time with the members to share some tips and tricks on their Basketball drills. The members did drills alongside with free play.


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